The Watsonville P.A.L. Golf Program works in partnership with the Santa Cruz County Junior Golf Association (SCCJGA) to bring each PAL Golf participant a wonderful insight into the world of golf. The Watsonville PAL Program offers a Golf Program for youth designed to provide long and short term goal projections. PAL Golf is held at Pajaro Valley Golf Course in the Spring and Summer season. A small fee does apply to this program. Our goal in the PAL Golf Program is to provide consistent training for the youth participating. During their training, students will be offered the following opportunities: Small Group Instruction, Peer Leadership/ Mentoring, Competition Tournaments. A small fee does apply to this program. Please call the PAL Office for more information.


Little Kickers is a terrific program designed to introduce young children into martial arts training with a focus on beginning self defense. Instructors in PAL are specially trained, with the understanding that young students need to be equipped with the fundamentals of knowing that there are strangers in our world that can hurt them, and that they have the power to help themselves. This fun, informative, no-scare approach has aided hundreds of children in giving them the confidence they need to be successful. Not only does Little Kickers work on self-defense, it also trains the students in agility and coordination. They play tae kwon do games and learn basics in tae kwon do preparing them to enter the next phase of their martial arts training.


Karate is a program that offers youth and adults, ages 10+, a skill in self-defense. Participants meet at the PAL Gym on Mondays and Wednesdays from 5:45pm -6:45pm. During the hour session participants are taught by a qualified instructor.


The Watsonville PAL Martial Arts Program is a certified belting program that incorporates a mixed-martial art concept, with a foundation in Tae Kwon Do. It is combined with Kickboxing, Weaponry, and Self-Defense. The Martial Arts Program began in June 2000. The goal of the Martial Arts Program is to raise our youth into bold, confident leaders, providing them the necessary skills to mentor others and give back to their community. Youth work towards a Certified Black Belt registered through the Kukkiwon/World Tae Kwon Do Federation (WTF) in Seoul Korea and Grandmaster William Kim in Vallejo California.
TOURNAMENTS: Youth participate in 2-3 tournaments per year. Events have included Forms, Board Breaking, Self-Defense, Sparring and Team Forms.


Aikido is a Japanese martial art and is one of the highest forms of self-defense. The techniques of Aikido do not depend on strength but upon developing the ability to blend without conflict. The word "Aikido" means: "Ai" - Harmony, "Ki" = spirit or inner energy and "Do" - the way. "The Way of Harmony". Aikido is not a sport in that there are no competitions, no champions or trophies, no winners or losers. We train to better ourselves and defend against unwarranted attack. It also gives you self-confidence like you have never known before. Join Bill Cass Sensei, Doug Au Sensei and Shannon Fry Sensei and have some fun while learning self-defense.


The mission of the Watsonville Police Cadet Organization is to promote the communitys youth through education, fieldwork training and mentorship in the field of law enforcement, as well as, the opportunity to participate in and learn the needs of our community as it relates to law enforcement.

Check out this video that our Cadets made for the Program!


This program was created to inform and equip women and teen girls with the knowledge and tools to avoid becoming a victim of an attack. Major focus on awareness & prevention, boundary setting, verbal defense and specific scenarios are used to give women and teen girls the advantage in dealing effectively against an attack situation.


Watsonville PAL partners with the Watsonville Judo Club to provide a safe, positive and engeretic environment for youth and adults to enjoy the art of Judo. Please call the PAL office to get more details on this wonderful program.


PAL offers a variety of self-defense seminars that are tailored to fit any age group. For boys and girls ages 5-9 we offer Stranger SmartSM which focuses on stranger awareness, bully defense and hands on ways to verbally and physically defend themselves when needed. Each class is taught with a minimum amount of participants and the cost based on time and attendance varies.

Specifically for girls ages 10-18 and for women (mother/daughter) seminars, we offer the Girly-Girl Self-DefenseSM Basic, Basic+ and Advance Seminars with interactive curriculum with a strong emphases on awareness & prevention. Classes are tailored to include verbal & hands on defense, boundary setting, improvised weapons and depending on group/age of girls, we teach:
Internet Safety, Bully Defense, Babysitting Safety Checklist, Dating, On the Job, Driving, etc.


Watsonville PAL is now offering a Mentoring program for youth ages 11-14 years old. The Mentoring program will provide middle school youth (mentees) with peer-to-peer mentoring. Each youth will be matched to a local high school student. Mentees will complete a monthly meeting, a monthly community service project and also participate in various PAL activities. Call PAL at 763-4146 for an application today!


2013 Basketball Spring Season is over. Watsonville PAL offered a Basketball Program for youth ages 11 to 17 years old. The program was held for 6-weeks (April and May) at the Watsovnille Veteran's Hall on Mondays from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. All youth enrolled built there basketball skills, interacted with youth from Watsonville and also got to participate in scrimmages